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Tiny Weddings Fair Exhibitor – Leonie Eggleton Hair and Make Up Artist

Leonie Hair MUA Tiny Weddings Fair

Today’s addition to our interview series with exhibitors who will be at the Tiny Weddings Fair on 30th Sept might be our last for this fair.  We do have many more exhibitors who will be at the fair, who haven’t had the time to be interviwed.  We’re very pleased to have Leonie Eggleton, hair and makeup artist at our fair.  Come along to meet her at the Wycombe Swan to chat with her abut how he can help you to look your best for your tiny wedding.

Tell us a little about what you do.

I am a freelance hair and make up artist.  I provide a service from your own home or hotel, or any other location you choose.  I will have a consultation to get to know you, your skin and your skincare and make up routine to tailor a personal look for your big day.  I have had five years experience and am trained in bridal and occasional make u, editorial and photographic, stage, TV and film make up.

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What do you love about tiny weddings?

I love that they feel more natural and more intimate.  You really get an insight into the couple and it all feels more personal to them, showing the smaller intimate details of the wedding, for the perfect day focusing on each other rather than the guests.  The closeness of family and friends means that it can still be a perfect dream wedding; even though a grand fairy-tale wedding would be incredible, sometimes it’s not possible and the smaller details mean more.

How do you think the couples are different what working with a smaller wedding?

Overall, I don’t think that the couples are that different.  They all want everything to be perfect on their wedding day.  But when working on a smaller wedding there is more time to get to know the couple better on a personal level.

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What are the main differences in the way you do business when dealing with a tiny wedding?

I don’t think there would be a difference!  I feel that every bride would be treated the same and would receive the same standard of service whether the wedding is big or small.

If you could work on a tiny wedding with any theme, what would it be?

I would love to work on a wedding in the woods, a magical and intimate setting, keeping everything simple.  For a theme I would love to work on a boho wedding, something very free spirited; with natural colours and very 70s.

Leonie MUA Tiny Weddings Fair 3

Can you give an example of a small wedding that you have worked on in the past?

I met with the couple before the booking to get to know a little about them and their back story and what they wanted for the wedding.  I arranged  atrial for the bride and her two bridesmaids, to try different styles and looks for them, all tailored individually while keeping it simple, which is what the bride wanted.  So we were all set for the morning of the wedding, and everything went very smoothly.

Do you think that smaller weddings are on the increase?

I think they might be.  This is potentially due to cost and society.  Today, couples are investing in saving and buying houses, and choosing that over a big wedding.  They are choosing to set up their future together, so they have a small and more intimate wedding, still a celebration of their love, but in many ways more special.  Smaller weddings mean that you have the people that you love there, rather than distant family members that you might be inviting out of duty.

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