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Final Update on the Tiny Weddings Fair this Sunday

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We’re sending out the final email to those who have signed up for our mailing list for the Tiny Weddings Fair.  Our second fair is almost upon us!  It will take place this Sunday 10th March at the Birmingham Library and Rep Theatre, Centenary Square, Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2EP.  If you haven’t purchased your tickets online yet, you should; you will pay half the entry fee charged to those who pay on the door.  Tickets are just £4 in advance, and we have so much awesome stuff planned for you, we wanted to share the newsletter as a blog post so everyone can read it!

There’s more than one type of Tiny Wedding, and we’re hoping to be able to help you plan the one that suits you.  We will have more than thirty exhibitors and speakers, all of whom believe small is beautiful when it comes to weddings!

You might want to elope, or bring a small group to somewhere far away; exotic and exciting.  If you do, we have planners and photographers that specialise in far away places.  Come to the talk at noon, about how to choose the right country for your wedding, and then meet with people who can help you to make it happen.

Maybe you want to take a small group of your close family and friends to a beautiful location just a drive away and take a whole weekend to share the experience and send quality time together.  We have several beautiful venues that would welcome you to stay with them for the whole weekend, or to hold a day’s celebration with them.

We have several more local venues and country estates that are not too far away, who welcome small groups for a more low-key affair, including a local restaurant who can host weddings, and the hosts; Unique Venues Birmingham, who will be giving tours of the locations where you can hold a wedding or receptionin the building.  These will be at 11:30 and 1:30.  We also have a private chef and a mobile bar who can cater for your small wedding, wherever it may be!

Wherever and however you get married, if you’re a bride, then you’ll probably need a dress.  We will have several racks of designer bridalwear at up to 85% off the RRP to our fair that you can try on in the private changing rooms set aside.  So, you’ll get the chance to try out some dresses without the hassle of a bridal appointment.  We have two jewellers and vendors who can supply you with beautiful paper or felt bouquets or accessories that will last a lifetime, as well as a florist who can supply real blooms.

For the planning on eloping, then the talks on how to make that happen – with either practical advice on the legalities of it all, tips on how to manage family members and suggestions of awesome locations, then come along to hear one of the talks being given our elopement expert, at either 11:00 or 2:30.

We will have four celebrants from the humanist society who will be able to offer suggestions on unique elements and rituals that you can put in to your ceremony so that your wedding is totally tailored to you as a couple.  They’ll be giving a talk on this at 2:00 and they will also have an exhibitor stand.

If you do get married close to home, or plan of throwing  a party at home after an elopement, then you’ll probably want to meet Gaming4Weddings, who will be in the lobby with two of their gaming units, for you to try out the entertainment they could bring to you wedding (or for you to leave your groom to happily play while you try on dresses!).  We have photographers and videographers who want to travel, and have a passion for smaller weddings.

Aside from the talks and tours, come along to meet some of the thirty exhibitors we will have at the fair.  There will be so much experience and knowledge of unique weddings in this room.  Coming to this fair on this day could hugely affect the choices you make for your wedding.  And you’re only going to do it once, so make sure that your wedding is exactly how you want it to be!

Perhaps you are already following our social media posts on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.  We’re posting lots of updates there, but the fair is just a few days away, so if you want to be in with a chance to win in our prize draws and get preferential entry to our tours, talks and workshops then get your ticket now for just £4.  We’ve almost run out of goody bags, so purchase your ticket in advance today to be sure of getting one on the day.

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Tiny Weddings Fair

Yvonne Beck – Celebrant – Tiny Weddings Fair

Yvonne Beck has been conducting weddings in two different countries in two languages for the pas eight years.  She knows how to guide a couple through the process of creating the wedding ceremony that suits them.  Find out more about her in our Tiny Weddings Fair brochure we’ll be giving away at the fair on 10th March in Birmingham, and in the interview below, or check out her website to find out about the many other wonderful things she does.

Tiny Weddings Fair Yvonne Beck Celebrant

Please give a brief overview of what you do.

Hi, I am Yvonne, and I create unique, bespoke Wedding, Elopement, and Vow Renewal Ceremonies for anyone looking for something personalised and represents them and their values.  As a Wedding Celebrant, over the last eight years following my training with the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants, it has been a great pleasure to design, create, write and lead over 150 ceremonies, indoors and outdoors, in both England and Germany.  I am bilingual and work in both English and German, giving an added dimension to couples and families, who want to ensure everyone is included in their ceremony.

Canva Tami and Sam

What do you love about small weddings and elopements?

I love the sense of excited and anticipation in a small wedding or an elopement, I think they are just more inclusive, romantic and personal.  Everyone is in the moment, they are all participants, not simply spectators, in a ceremony between two people who love each other, love them and who are loved by everyone there.

Do you feel there has been an increase in tiny weddings in the past few years or have you always worked with a lot of small wedding parties?

Yes, most definitely there is a trend to holding a smaller wedding and celebrating with a group of perfectly handpicked guests – and there is definitely a rise in elopements, particularly in beautiful scenic locations where there is a sense of intimacy and commitment on a deeply personal level.

charlotte and ilker

How do you think the couples are different when working with a large wedding versus a tiny wedding?

I actually think that couples who are looking for a smaller more intimate wedding as against a much bigger event are much more relaxed and feel more involved, in control and also feel they can really get every detail perfect for their wedding, whereas with a larger event there is often the need to delegate more, rely on more people and it can be stressful and tiring – even if there are several great professionals on board.  A smaller wedding or “tiny wedding” allows the couple to ensure all their guests are cared for and looked after, that everything can be managed and doesn’t become this overwhelming responsibility.

Boxmoor Hall Wedding 2

If you could work on a tiny wedding anywhere in the world, any theme, any couple; where or what or whom would it be?

I love the outdoors and conducting outdoor ceremonies, so I guess where there are hills, mountains, lakes, rivers and woodland – in any part of Europe!  Every love story is unique, and it is an honour to be trusted with every couple’s story.

Can you talk about a particular tiny wedding you have worked on and what you did for the couple?

A couple who wanted to hold ceremony in Germany, came from Canada and brought twenty-two guests with them.  We held the ceremony on a floating raft on a glacial lake in the Bavarian Mountains, the evening before I was with them for the rehearsal dinner and the next morning I helped to decorate the raft, set up with the videographer and photographer to ensure the best areas on the raft for great pictures of the couple and their family and guests, and also tested the live streaming to Canada.  We had two readings and I included some German wedding prose and advice which I added as a surprise for them!  They wanted a final Toast and I suggested that we have this also in German, with closing words in both languages as we congratulated them!

Kate and Peppy Ring Exchange

What are the main differences in the way you do business when dealing with a couple planning a smaller wedding?

I create the ceremony and therefore whatever the size of wedding my process will still be very much about listening to the couple and understanding them as partners, what they are hoping to feel like during their ceremony and getting to know them.  For a smaller event however I might offer suggestions that allow more guests or family to take part in symbolic or other rituals.  A larger event would not be so great to offer a “Ring Warming” where the rings are passed to every person and “warmed” with their good wishes or blessings, whereas in a smaller or tiny wedding, a Ring Warming is a beautiful way to allow guests to take part, and even practice their own faith by conferring a silent blessing.  Another suggestion might be the choreography or use of space in order to create a circle rather than a square aisle space – larger events would of necessity probably become more “distant” and use the space in a more traditional manner. There are many more suggestions and advice that I would give that would work in a tiny wedding scenario that probably would not work in a larger event.

happy handfasting completed!

What makes you unique in the service you can offer a couple planning a smaller wedding?

I spend all the time that the couple needs and wants in terms of being there for them from the beginning of our relationship until the day – sometimes three or four months, sometimes up to three years!  I have the ability to create ceremony in two languages, and a host of experience, advice and suggestions in terms of creating a totally personalised ceremony that is authentic and represents the couple and their values and lifestyle.  I am happy to incorporate religion, faith, ritual, culture and support all couples who want a ceremony that speaks truly of their commitment.  I also have contact with great professionals and suppliers.

Maria and Rav Wedding Day

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