Tiny Weddings Fair

Tiny Weddings Fair Exhibitor – Liquid Mobile Bar

Tiny Weddings Fair - Liquid Mobile Bar

Today’s addition to our interview series with exhibitors who will be at the Tiny Weddings Fair on 30th Sept is Keshell, who owns and runs Liquid Mobile Bar.  Come along to meet the team at the Wycombe Swan to have a look at their converted horse box mobile bar and to taste some examples of their mocktails, fresh juices, hot chocolates and milkshakes for yourself.

Tiny Weddings Fair - Liquid Mobile Bar_5290

Please introduce yourself.

I am Keshell and I own Liquid Mobile Bar. We have been running for two years, this year being our main year we have been booked up all through the summer!  We sell luxurious drinks covering pretty much any style of drink! Such as milkshakes, fresh juices, iced coffee and teas, prosecco, beers, cocktails… any anything the couple request. All are made using the best ingredients and are finished at a very high quality standard each with an extra special touch.  Working from a beautifully converted vintage horse box we fit into any theme of wedding perfectly, our bar never fails to impress especially with our magical fairy lights brightening up the scene. In addition as our bar is white we can always add some extra special decorations to match the theme of your magical day.

What drinks will you be selling to couples on the day at the Tiny Weddings Fair?

For the fair, we will be serving up our mocktails, fresh juices, hot chocolates and milkshakes. There will be many different flavours of each drink type for you to select from which is what we also take to wedding so all will be able to enjoy the treats we provide.

Tiny Weddings Fair - Liquid Mobile Bar_1028

What are your plans for the coming year?

This year my aim is to focus on being a part of more weddings, especially smaller sized weddings as they are more close-knit and special in their own unique ways. I feel smaller weddings are able to reflect more of the bride and groom’s personalities. So I love how this Tiny Weddings fair focuses on this target and are able to bring very high quality businesses in contact with these brides and grooms.

Can you tell us a little about what drinks and refreshments you can offer for weddings?

We offer any style of drink the couple wish from prosecco to bottled beers. We do fresh juices and milkshakes which are nice for an afternoon service and our cocktails are always a hit for the evening time. Hot chocolates are perfect for the winter weddings to heat up your guests too. All of our drinks are made using only the highest quality products and are decorated each to a high elaborate standard.

Tiny Weddings Fair - Liquid Mobile Bar_4841

How do you think the couples are different when working with a large wedding versus a tiny wedding?

The couple are able to have more say on the entire wedding. The little details can be explored further and clearly seen rather than being overshadowed by the larger wedding’s expectations. Many couples who choose a smaller wedding do so to avoid stress, and it is always my goal to relieve as much stress as possible prior to the big day, nobody likes stress!

Give an example of a tiny wedding you have worked on and what you did for the couple.

I had a wedding back in July for an Indian couple. I established a very close connection to the bride talking for hours about ideas she had for the day and how she wanted things to run. They had me in for a morning service in the end, serving up luxury milkshakes and juices to the guests from 8am until 10am but we stayed through till lunch as it was such a wonderful celebration.

Tiny Weddings Fair - Liquid Mobile Bar_6347

If you could work on a tiny wedding anywhere in the world with any theme what would it be?

It would be a festival theme wedding in the middle of the countryside. With a boho classic style theme in the open air for any couple. Not only would this be a picturesque wedding to work for but I secretly would like something similar for my special day in the future.

Tiny Weddings Fair - Liquid Mobile Bar_2884

Check out Keshell’s website in advance of the wedding fair and having the opportunity to taste their drink offering.  Follow them on Facebook, or the fair Facebook page for helpful and inspiring pictures  and information, and show your interest in our Facebook event to see updates.  Follow The Liquid Mobile Bar on Instagram, or the Tiny Wedding Fair on Instagram for lovely photos and inspiration of small weddings, chat with us on Twitter or with Keshell on Twitter. Most importantly, buy yourself a ticket in advance.

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