Tiny Weddings Fair

Tiny Weddings Fair Exhibitor – Rose’s Bridal Room

Tiny Weddings Fair - Rose's Bridal Room

The ladies from Rose’s Bridal Room will be at the Tiny Weddings Fair on 30th Sept at the Wycombe Swan.  With over twenty-five years experience in bridal wear, Carol will take great pleasure in ensuring that you, the bride finds the perfect dress for your day and your body shape. Nothing is too big of an ask for Carol and she wants all of her brides to feel comfortable and fabulous on their special day.

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Tell us a little about yourself and your store.

My name is Carol and I own and run Rose’s Bridal Room. I have been a bridal consultant for over twenty years, so have a wealth of experience. My studio has over eighty new, sample and pre-loved gowns  from great designers such as Stella York, Maggie Sottero and Justin Alexander to name a few.  The gowns are at fantastic prices, ranging from £400-£1000. My studio is a one on one consultation in a relaxed friendly atmosphere, and we also offer an excellent alteration service.

Tiny Weddings Fair Roses Bridal Room 102e

If you could be involved with a tiny wedding anywhere, where would it be?

All weddings are lovely but the thought of a wedding on a desert island would really appeal to me.

Why do think couples might of choose to have a smaller wedding?

Tiny weddings give couples the opportunity to totally personalise their wedding. I often hear brides having problems when the wedding is larger than planned; be it with the venue, catering, and even the table plan. Brides can lose control and struggle focus on what’s important to them. If the wedding is small the bride may not have to worry over bridesmaids and coordinated colours and it’s all down to her choice instead.

Tiny Weddings Fair Roses Bridal Room 0279e

Do you think smaller weddings are on the rise among your clients?

I am definitely seeing more brides keeping guest numbers below fifty, not just because of finances but again down to choice and what’s important to the couple.  The smallest wedding of one of my brides was earlier in the year; in a beautiful tree house with just four guests.  It looked like an amazing venue and the bride looked stunning too.

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Follow the Rose’s Bridal Room Facebook page to keep updated on new gowns coming in, or follow them on Instagram, or go and gets lots more information from their website.  Follow our Tiny Weddings Fair Facebook page for helpful and inspiring articles and information, and show your interest in our Facebook event to see updates. Follow us on Instagram for lovely photos and inspiration of small weddings.  Most importantly, buy yourself a ticket in advance.

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